Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's New Year's Eve, We ( John and I ) are off to a wedding early afternoon.  It is bringing up lots of resistance in me.
I would really prefer to be here reviewing last year and setting goals for 2014.
All my work and study tells me to embrace the day and the challenge of being out of my comfort zone.
Maybe this is the best way to spend New Year's Eve, it will give me the opportunity to 'listen empathetically', to let go of my daily practice and relax in a situation that is usually uncomfortable for me.
I can see the benefit of writing about my anxiety as already it seems smaller.
Not quite looking forward to it yet but definitely feel a bit more up beat.
 With anything that puts one out of the regular routine and in an uncomfortable situation my training says embrace the opportunity for growth,  ( I'm being my own coach here ) and it is working !
 I am actually beginning to look forward to the challenge to see how many new people I can chat to,  maybe get to hear some interesting stories.
Were they looking forward to the day or anxious like me ?
 Who knows what  adventure lies ahead if I keep an open mind.
I'm going to take it as a chance to change , to make 2014 the year  to get out of my comfort zone more often.

So there we go I have even discovered a goal for the coming Year.

Whether you are home tonight or out celebrating I hope you find your hearts desire in the year ahead.

I hope you have a Great 2014 full of Adventure and Fun .

I hope you find Inspiration Each Day.

Yes, Let's Aim High This New Year

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