Monday, 23 December 2013

Interesting Exilarating Experience

Early this morning while in a hypnagogic  state I had this 'rushing'  sound in one ear and then the other ear, then a few seconds later it happened again , and then again , this went on for a while . This ' rushing woshing ' sound was not very loud or really intense as it had been in my first lucid OBE. This was a gentle soft
 ' woshing ' that in retrospect relaxed and in a strange way comforted me. I did think to myself  "This reminds me of my OBE " ,  but there was no expectation or excitement ' Ann ' was calm and peaceful.
Then I became conscious of a woman's presence, she was tall and slim , dressed in black trousers and a polo neck sweater. She began talking to me and I ' knew ' that she 'knew ' about OBE's.
 She said " The most important thing is to have the experience so you 'know ' for certain that they are real. " Then she began to speak in the past tense about the experience I was about to have. She described it as if she was speaking to a third party.
 " She will travel along the motorway and view the countryside and then come to rest ".
 I can't remember any more of what she said.
 Then I felt myself being ' helped out of my body , I was being pushed gently from behind while also being pulled from the front. It was very gentle and I just went with it. Next I was up high above a busy road which widened out to become a motorway. Someone was holding on to my neck as if they were coming along for the ride. It felt as if a child's arms were holding on piggy back style. I asked, " Are you ok ?"
hoping to discover who was there but they didn't answer. We flew along a coastline highway with white marble type rock that the sea had sculpted  into beautiful shapes.
Then I landed high on a cliff above a river , the rock was similar to that along the highway, a creamy white warm colour,  I was sitting in a little crevice almost like a sand dune , the 'child ' was gone , but a lovely golden retriever was sitting next to me. He reminded me of Flint who lived next door and had  died a long while ago.  I felt he had come to say Hi, .I stroked him and  then he wandered off.
 I sat there foe a long time admiring the scenery and watching the people far below on the river bank. I tried to fly but discovered that I couldn't . I thought  "How will I get home ", and relaxed thinking "My body will pull me back when the time is right. " Then I got up and walked along the cliff until I came to a house. The gate was wide open so in I went and met a man who seemed unsurprised to see me . He thanked me ( I didn't consciously know him) for having comforted him after the death of his father.
He had two small children a little boy of about two and a half sitting happily in a little sand play area and a baby of about nine months sitting in a baby seat. I began to play with her trying to get her to smile and laugh.
Next I found myself back in bed awake and feeling awe struck light and very happy.
I have been pondering the experience all morning wondering if it really was an OBE or a dream.
Either way it was a good experience which has left me full of wonder at all the possibilities for night time adventures.

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