Sunday, 1 December 2013

Why I love Working in this way

One of the reasons that I love the T'ai Chi John Kells thought me is his emphasis on connection.
Listening with one's body and one's energy is a cornerstone to his teaching.
I love this approach as it connects ' psyco' and soma . In the beginning stages of T'ai Chi practice this connection is mostly felt on a subconscious level we are not consciously aware that of this energetic connection.
With practice and direction our energy and awareness become more refined,  tuned on more subtle levels then  new worlds open to us.
This is not some abstract effect, it is has very practical applications in everyday life .
By practicing the  partner work  we learn to tune to many different energy rhythms.
We all have our own energy signature  just as we all have our own finger print .
When we are well versed in listening to energy we are well able to tune into other
people's energy and connect in a deeper more meaningful way.

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