Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Changing Feelings

                Is it because it's 'my' city that I love Cork sooooomuch

             Love the rushing sound of the Lee flowing by

                      Love the mystery of lights across the river

                The  feel of Christmas coming

              And  my spin on the wheel

I didn't always love Christmas I have written about that before, and  from my experience I feel it is possible to change one's feelings on most any topic.

This week I decided to work on my negative feelings towards a friend.

 I used think about all the aspects of this person that irritated me .

Thinking of this person I wrote down every positive thing I could think of about them.

Doing this I realized that I really like the way they dress.

I love their sense of humour.

They are always willing to try new things.  Always up for a laugh.

After a few minutes of this I couldn't wait to meet up and see how we got along .

It was great , having focused on the aspects of them that I really enjoyed that was all I noticed.

Now with Christmas coming again I'm writing all I love about this season and looking forward to enjoying it even more.


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