Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stick insects, worms , and my mother

I'm a novice lucid dreamer and have been having a semi frustrating time this last while as I often awaken as soon as I realise that I am dreaming. Sometimes when I awaken and recall the dream I have just had I will remember of  thinking ( in the dream ), " This is odd I must be dreaming " but thinking that during the dream didn't elicit lucidity.
This morning I did manage to become fully lucid even if it was short lived.

Here is the dream.

I'm chatting to a friend downstairs in my house, the conversation is a little awkward I'm wondering if she wants to stay or leave. Next I notice that I'm upstairs on the landing and there is a very large stick insect 'walking ' out of the bathroom towards me .

The stick insect is about two feet long and bright brown in colour.  There is a smaller one coming along behind it.   I don't particularly like the look of the insects and go into my bedroom and shut the door behind me. 
Then I notice the stick coming around through the joint in the door.  About the same time I notice a big white worm burrowing straight up through the carpet. It is definitely a worm but is 

' standing'  upright just like this snake .

I call my mother ( just like I would have done as a child ). I open the bedroom door and she is standing there.  As soon as I see her ( she is looking great and much younger than when she died )  I look straight at her and say " You are dead so this must be a dream ".
Then I think " Wow I'm lucid what will I do now ?" In the dream  remember that Stephen LaBerge says if you want to change your dream start spinning (or that's what I remember ) so I close my eyes and start spinning , only when I open them I can't see,  everything has gone dark. Then I remember that I am usually able to fly in lucid dreams so I decide to fly up out of the house. I begin to rise up and feel myself pushing through the roof. It feels more like burrowing through and this goes on and on until I awaken.

Awake I recall the 'dream' , am delighted that at least I became conscious in a dream.

On reflection today I felt sorry for dismissing my mother , sorry I didn't thank her for 'waking me ' to my dream state.
 I also found it to be an interesting coincidence that my mother, who was so upset at my teenage explorations into yoga etc should be the  ' cause  ' of my awakening in this dream and also in one I had on my return from Portugal.

I have lots of thoughts on that topic too but it is well after midnight and I'm really looking forward to sleeping and dreaming.

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