Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Gift

This is a really good time of year to look inward.  Day's are short and instead of spending time in front  of a television screen why not use the longer night time to develop your body and your mind.
This has been my habit for years now and the benefits are immense.
You will discover aspects of yourself that otherwise would have atrophied for want of attention.
Even choosing to spend a half hour in silence can be a wonderful balm. When the fuss and festivities, the noise both external and internal get too much  there is nothing like some space and silence to restore peace and balance.
Even now just take a minute to just look at the empty space below and notice any space that arises between your thoughts.

Now notice how your body feels .

Do it again ,notice the spaces that occur between your thoughts as you look at the space below .

Hopefully you already feel a shift in your body and mind , a sense of relaxation arising , it doesn't take long to do this but and the physical and emotional benefits far outweigh the cost in time.

I hope you are feeling how giving yourself the gift of personal time could be the best Christmas Present ever.

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