Friday, 27 December 2013

Lucid Dreams, The Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys and Reconnection

A T'ai Chi friend who came for some ' Christmas' pushing hands brought me  New Scientist because she thought I'd enjoy the article on Lucid Dreaming.
 How right she was and how grateful and happy am I to have this article. It is written by David Robson ( who writes features in his sleep )  and tells about the Marquis de Saint-Denys born in 1822 who became an avid lucid dreamer.

The Marquis started drawing scenes from his dreams and this became a consuming passion, to the point that, after 200 straight nights of observations, he found himself in the peculiar situation of dreaming about recording dreams.  He awoke frustrated : what if he could have gone one step further and gained full awareness of the dream state? " Think of all the interesting details I could have collected " he wrote.
He didn't have to wait long,  a week later the same vision of recording dreams came to him this time, awareness stirred in his sleeping mind. " I had a definite sensation that I was dreaming. " Fifteen months later he was lucid dreaming every night. ( Great encouragement for all of us who want to work on lucid dreaming.)

What has this got to do with reconnection ?
Further on in this article Robson  writes about the current dream research which suggests that lucid awareness is linked to high frequency activity in the brains frontal and parietal lobes. In his research on Reconnection and it's effect on brain activity ( in both therapist and recipient) William Tiller found that Reconnection also  induced high frequency activity in the brain's frontal lobes. Is this coincidence ? Who knows but I wonder if it's also just another happy coincidence that lucid dreaming and OBE's etc have become  real and significant in my life since becoming so involved with Reconnection Work.

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