Monday, 29 October 2012

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Here is a  exercise I love  from the Sedona Method hope you enjoy it  too.

Easily allow yourself to  to become aware of your sensory perceptions,
beginning with your sense of hearing. Could you allow yourself to hear,
listen or welcome whatever is being heard in this moment ?

Then while allowing yourself to continue to focus on hearing ;Could you
allow yourself to welcome the silence that surrounds and interpenetrates
whatever is being heard ?

For a few moments switch back and forth between listening to what is
being heard and not heard including your thoughts.

When you are ready , allow yourself to focus on what is be seen.
Could you allow yourself to welcome what is being seen as best you
can ?

Then could you also allow yourself to welcome or notice the space,
or emptiness that surrounds every picture or object, including the
space between the words  here ?

Again alternate between the two perceptions for a few moments.

Next , focus on whatever sensations are arising in your body
this  moment.
Could you allow yourself  to welcome whatever sensation is being
perceived in this moment ?

Then could you allow yourself to welcome the space or absence of
sensation that surrounds every sensation ?

Easily switch back and forth between the two ways of perceiving .

Then could you allow yourself to focus on a particular problem,
and welcome that memory with all the pictures, sounds ,
sensations, thoughts and feelings that are associated with it?

Could you then allow yourself  to notice how most of your
experience happens apart from this particular problem ?

And could you allow yourself to welcome at least the possibility
that this problem is not as all consuming as it has seemed ?

Switch back and forth between welcoming the problem and
all its associated perceptions, and then noticing and welcoming
what is actually here now.

As you do the above you will find yourself gradually gaining a
new sense of clarity about your supposed problems and also
noticing the exquisiteness of what is already here now.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

We moved from the town of Macroom to Cork city when I was
 about five years old.
Standing next to my mother looking up, not quite knowing what
 they were talking about, seeing the teacher  and all the children
 in the crowded classroom. Somehow I knew
that I was not to move into high-infants but to remain in low-
infants for another year. SHAME . What had I done wrong ?
They said  " The high infants class is too full, she will be fine.
It won't make and  difference she is only a child She won't
 even know. ".  I knew,  shame  and upset and I knew that my
mother could do nothing about it.  In Macroom where we had
lived she was a ' somebody ' this would never have happened.
Here she was nobody and had no clout and had lost  her
confidence, in fact she never had a pushy nature.
Maybe that was why the business had  failed. My mother
could'n say no. If people needed food she gave it. My
brother Donal says the shop was more like ' social security '
before the state provided.
 Anyway I digress.
 On reflection I can see advantages to my being  'kept back '.
I was no longer in the same year as my cousin Michael and so
 was spared the continuous comparisons that I had hated and
It also meant that  I ended up in the same class as my life long
 friend and 'releasing 'partner Margaret. We have experienced
 so much personal development together have encouraged
 challenged, and inspired one another to keep on the inward
 journey.  It's impossible for me to  imagine how I could have
 done the work without her.
I always felt a bit unsure about  my abilities  The being
 ' kept back ' story has been a great source of  'work ' for me.
This is where I believed my  " I'm not good enough "  beliefs
had begun. It took me a long time to realize that  "I'm not
good enough " is a core belief for most people. Maybe this is
 the 'original sin' the original lie that we buy into and live from
until we wake up. This has been my work for along time, to
search out the truth of who and what we truly are. To
experience this life as fully and completely as possible.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm surprised and delighted when I read in Hrderman's Book  (Walkabout )
of his interest in the  ' new consciousness ' coming on to our planet at
 this time. It is very reassuring for me to hear this coming from a
Benedictine Abbot.  Having grown up in a conservative and at times
  fearful catholic home I had to face a lot of fears to embark on my
 Tai Chi  and meditation study. My mother was a very devout catholic
and feared that  my pursuits were leading me astray. Worse than that
my brother a priest warned me that if I emptied my mind through
meditation that something would have to come in to fill the space and
he suggested that this would be the devil. I was young and this
warning disturbed me  ( not enough to stop my practice ) but still I was
concerned. Both my mother and brother were sincere believers and I
knew that their concern was genuine, however I also knew that fear was
never good reason to stop a practice that ' felt ' right to me.
I wanted and need reassurance .  Then  while visiting with
 my brother Donal ( the priest ) in Rome we met this old Capuchin
Monk. Donal was on route to a lecture and I travelled to my next
appointment with the Monk. We got chatting and I spilled my soul
and my concerns about Donal's devil comments. This monk reassured
 me and advised me to follow my heart and stay true to my own instincts.
Since my ' Reconnection '  last June my life seems to be teeming with
coincidence and I found Hederman's book reassuring , this time it's a
Benedictine Monk seeing the hand of God in seeming coincidence.
In yet another coincidence I met a psychic who told me to speak up
to tell my story and not be so reticent. So I'm daring to share the
 excitement I feel about this development in my work.
It is a great privilege to work with the " Reconnective  Frequencies" .
To watch as peoples bodies realign as the frequencies enter and work.
For some the registers are big and felt strongly in their bodies, for others
they are more subtle , I can see them as I work, subtle shifts or
  ' wabbles' either in their bodies or their energy often in both.
 All the years of training and focus in partner work have helped me
  to be aware and attuned to what is happening in the other person
 and this is of great assistance now.
It is also great to get the feedback , hearing how clients lives are
changing in positive ways. Hearing the coincidences and connections
 that are happening for them inspires me daily. These new modalities
are on the frontiers. We who participate are explorers of new internal
 territories . Explorers of internal space and connection. How lucky
are we to be part of this shift in consciousness.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

 T'ai Chi is a magical art .Give yourself the gift of practice you deserve it.
Tai Chi will yield to your efforts and its bounty will surprise ,
 inspire and delight you.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tai chi is an art that can be accessed on many levels.
To begin with it strengthens and aligns the body  as it
calms the mind and brings more focus.

As we relax and focus we become acutely aware of space,
both our internal space and the space around us. We begin
to pay more and more attention to this loving space. Just as
musicians know that it is the nature of the space between the notes
 that creates  great music, we learn that it is the space we invoke
 while we practice that makes our Tai Chi.
Then Tai Chi becomes a mystical art. A dance that allows us to
resonate physically, emotionally and spiritually with the silent
knowingness deep within us.

Friday, 12 October 2012

                              Love is always loving you.

                              Without  this Love you cannot breathe,

                              As without air you cannot live.

                              Love is Meditation , Meditation is Love,

                              Heart has no frontiers ;

                              Meditate on This.

                              You are This Love You are That.

                              Simply be Quiet and stay as such.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

I'm reading Mark Patrick Hederman's Walk About -Life as Holy Spirit
the book is most interesting and full of synchronous occurrences, just
what I love to read.
Here is one inspiring story I read last night.
Two friends had invited him to meditate with them at 3.33p. m. on the
text of Jeremiah 33.3   ' Call me and I shall answer. I will reveal to you
great and hidden things you have not known .'
"Next day we were on the turquoise trail to Sante Fe  New Mexico.
In the gothic chapel built for the Loretto sisters in 1878, designed
' a la Sainte- Chapelle a Paris' , there is a stairway which supplies
 another dominant image of this journey.
 When the church was finished it was discovered that no provision
 had been made for access to the choir loft.
 Because of the height of the loft  a conventional stairway
would take up too room in the building beneath. A ladder would
have to be used or the whole choir loft reconstructed. The sisters
made a novena to  St Joseph. Legend has it that on the last day of
the novena a grey-haired man with a donkey arrived. He worked  for
six to eight months with only a saw, a hammer and a T square. When
he had finished his work he disappeared without payment.
The stairway is circular 33 steps forming two complete turns of
365 degrees, without a central support. The railing which now
exists was not part of the original construction but was added two
years later. The wood is spliced in seven places on the inside, and
in nine places on the outside, with each piece forming part of a perfect
curve. Samples from the wood show an evergreen spruce but neither
Engelmann nor Sitka which are native to New Mexico. The wood used
 by this carpenter has not yet been discovered anywhere, certainly not in
 this area. Climbing the stairs one can feel , according to Carl R Albach,
consulting engineer, 'a small amount of vertical movement , as if the the
two 365-degree turns were taken out of a large coiled spring ' ".

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Practicing T'ai Chi is one way of rewiring one's internal electrical circuits
 so more power can flow in the body. Working on correct form is
 important because  this encourages the internal circuits to connect
along their  paths clearly.

So do practice.   Your eyes will open to the form  as your body begins
to open to the work.  As you continue to practice your body will open
more and more and there will be more energy available to you. Keep it
up and your vision will widen, your life's purpose will become clear.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Here again are the first few postures of the Mini form for this
 terms beginners.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

I believe we are here to experience life to live it to our  full potential.

To learn from our experiences and to allow ourselves to  awaken to
that which is beyond experience, that which is constant.

 Experiences can be wonderful and lift us to amazing heights giving
 us visions that inspire us to grow and follow our dreams.

 Experiences can also pullus down and  drain our energy so we feel
 there is no point , that nothing matters.

By paying attention to what is constant,  by befriending our true
nature we find an anchor , which is beyond experience , a quiet
knowing that  nourishes and endures. Having this anchor we are
 free to experience all life , to trust it's wisdom and allow all
experience to teach us.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

 For the next few minutes give yourself a break and just sit there watching your thoughts.
 Become like a cat relaxed and attentively watching the mouse hole.  .  .   .   .   .  .   .

 Notice  how thoughts just pop up randomly .

 Repeat the exercise again ,give yourself a few minutes more.

 By practicing this exercise you will become more and more aware of the witness or the awareness that you            are. That which never changes , which is ever present . The awareness that watches your thoughts and            feelings and is unaffected by them.
Paradoxically becoming more identified with the awareness does not deaden our experience of this world but frees us to be more fully involved because we no longer believe that our thoughts and feelings are us. We  know that we are much more ,what we are is eternal and wordless.

Monday, 1 October 2012