Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm surprised and delighted when I read in Hrderman's Book  (Walkabout )
of his interest in the  ' new consciousness ' coming on to our planet at
 this time. It is very reassuring for me to hear this coming from a
Benedictine Abbot.  Having grown up in a conservative and at times
  fearful catholic home I had to face a lot of fears to embark on my
 Tai Chi  and meditation study. My mother was a very devout catholic
and feared that  my pursuits were leading me astray. Worse than that
my brother a priest warned me that if I emptied my mind through
meditation that something would have to come in to fill the space and
he suggested that this would be the devil. I was young and this
warning disturbed me  ( not enough to stop my practice ) but still I was
concerned. Both my mother and brother were sincere believers and I
knew that their concern was genuine, however I also knew that fear was
never good reason to stop a practice that ' felt ' right to me.
I wanted and need reassurance .  Then  while visiting with
 my brother Donal ( the priest ) in Rome we met this old Capuchin
Monk. Donal was on route to a lecture and I travelled to my next
appointment with the Monk. We got chatting and I spilled my soul
and my concerns about Donal's devil comments. This monk reassured
 me and advised me to follow my heart and stay true to my own instincts.
Since my ' Reconnection '  last June my life seems to be teeming with
coincidence and I found Hederman's book reassuring , this time it's a
Benedictine Monk seeing the hand of God in seeming coincidence.
In yet another coincidence I met a psychic who told me to speak up
to tell my story and not be so reticent. So I'm daring to share the
 excitement I feel about this development in my work.
It is a great privilege to work with the " Reconnective  Frequencies" .
To watch as peoples bodies realign as the frequencies enter and work.
For some the registers are big and felt strongly in their bodies, for others
they are more subtle , I can see them as I work, subtle shifts or
  ' wabbles' either in their bodies or their energy often in both.
 All the years of training and focus in partner work have helped me
  to be aware and attuned to what is happening in the other person
 and this is of great assistance now.
It is also great to get the feedback , hearing how clients lives are
changing in positive ways. Hearing the coincidences and connections
 that are happening for them inspires me daily. These new modalities
are on the frontiers. We who participate are explorers of new internal
 territories . Explorers of internal space and connection. How lucky
are we to be part of this shift in consciousness.

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