Thursday, 30 August 2012

It was another morning in Chu Lai, Vietnam -- a large and ugly army base where I was.  One February morning, as I avoided the mud puddles in my morning duty, I found myself standing on top of a drive-up ramp.

Looking through the mists toward distant purple mountains, I suddenly became aware that I WAS those mountains and they were me. The now perfect little mud puddles were as much me as my fingers. The olive drab trucks, the concertina wire, the things that had always possessed a negative connotation in my mind were simply ... man's folly!
Another GI, whom I barely knew, walked across the compound and I experienced a love beyond words  for him, a realization that he was me wearing his own personal disguise. I was immersed in this joy that I had never even heard of -- no separation from anything or anyone, no judgment of the world around me. Later, when I attempted to explain what I'd experienced with words, the only word that came close was one-ness.
Less than 2 weeks later, I was at LZ Bronco and was looking through a meager dozen or so collection of books left by earlier tenants and I saw this curious title, "The Book ... on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are" by Alan Watts. When he began describing the experience I recently had, it triggered the experience again, only this time as I immediately tried to hold on to it, to keep it, it dissolved, like quick-silver through my fingers.
A few months later, as I prepared to return "to the world" -- America -- I thought, "Okay, I now know some important truths.  Life will be easier, more simple." Instead, it has become more challenging than ever.  But those experiences changed this Southern Baptist bred Okie for life. I am thankful every day for the grace that I received that February morning along with the realization that this beautiful state of being belongs to every single being of every color, culture or persuasion on earth.
Although I have pursued, even lusted after the Oneness experience I'd had, like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick, I have slowly and painfully come to realize that only through knowing and then having the compassion to love myself just as I am and accepting completely this wonderfully terrible world just as it is, will I be able to open my heart to the state that is always there, that makes the pain and the fear of self-discovery so worth the journey I'm on.
--Eugene Hilderbrandt

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Learning Tai Chi one comes to recognise the difference between pushing down and opening to the ground.
When we push down the ground pushes back up we become even more separate from the earth. The boundary  between us becomes more pronounced. When we learn to open to the ground the boundary dissolves, we become one with the earth, no longer a separate entity resting on it's surface. Somehow through the practice we come to feel and understand these different relationships to the earth.
Something similar happens with partner work , slowly but surely we come to recognise what it is to be  'soft'.  We come to know and love the feel of a soft touch , one that melts in to us and dissolves the sense of separation.  I have no idea how these transformations come about but somehow the practice reveals these mysteries to us.  We somehow learn the difference between a touch from the outside and a connection that feels as if it is already part of us. In the beginning these subtle differences are difficult to discern but with time and practice they seem completely self evident  and one wonders how it was possible to confuse the feeling of pushing against someone with the feeling of connecting and dissolving in to them.
Just as dissolving the physical boundary takes practice and a focus on sensitivity, letting go and accepting life as it is takes practice . We need practice to know the subtle difference between really letting feelings go and  pushing them down. When we deny our feelings and push them down we create a boundary inside of ourselves and as the pressure on this boundary builds up we become more agitated until something has to give. The body will be trying to dissolve this boundary in whatever way it can.  If we are aware we will notice the agitation and reflect on what is bothering us so we can let it go. If we are not aware we will end up fighting with those around us and think that our agitation is their  ' fault'.
 Lester Levinson  said " Letting go is either easy or impossible. " Well for me last week it was impossible , I was pushing down my feelings and blaming all those around me and just couldn't even see at the time that it was about letting go. It was as if I was back in kindergarten with my mind. I was stuck in trying to  'figure things out'. My mind was in overtime looking for proof that I was 'right ' and everyone else was 'wrong'  what agony.  I kept looking for space and peace in my mind and somehow forgot that space and peace are outside or beyond the mind.  Paradoxically when I finally allowed my feelings up and accepted them and myself , the internal boundary began to dissolve ,I began to see how I was projecting my suppressed feelings out and creating a lot of pain in and around me. It wasn't easy to recognise that I was stuck, that I had an agenda and had lost my trust in life. That I was believing 'my way' was the 'right 'way.  Thank God
 that  ' Somehow' I woke up and eventually "Let go " of my agenda and regained my trust that God or some higher power does know what is best.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

 John Kells emphasised  partner work in his T'ai Chi. How fortunate for me to train with him and his teachers and students who are all highly skilled in listening during partner work. We spent hours tuning in to ourselves while simultaneously listening to our partners movement. In the beginning I had no idea of what was going on, or even what I was listening for .  But I felt compelled to keep working at the partner work, then little by little   the work opened up to me. Somehow it reveals itself to us , as we practice we begin to tune in to subtle shifts in our own body and also notice more and more of what is going on in our partners body and in the space around our bodies. I coming to believe that the practice is a way of expanding our consciousness so we can be more aware more ,  present, and attentive. We begin to wake up to the wonder of connection, to the magic that happens in the space between. I am forever grateful for this teaching. It feels to me now that it was tailor made as a training for reconnective healing. The listening, the tuning in to ones self while listening and watching a partner this is exactly what is essential while working with a client .

Saturday, 18 August 2012

I've been watching the movie Thrive it is produced by Foster Gambel. What a thought provoking and fascinating movie. Their website is a fund of information on ' free energy ' and ancient knoledge that is coming to light now and holds great possibilities for our planet. The movie investigates possible reasons why all this information is being kept secret from us. The movie is free to watch but after watching you just might be inspired to donate to the cause.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Control and Choice

A friend of mine is going through a hard time at the moment and is questioning ' the point of life and also questioning the point of practice saying " Life can come and give you a knock when you least expect it, you have no control over what will happen, so what is the point of all your practice  ?  It won't save you from life's problems."
I think she is missing the point (please excuse my pun ).
 My practice not  to avoid life's problems ( I can't avoid them and wouldn't want to anyway ). I practice and read and study so I have a choice in how I deal with life's  challenges. By developing the witness,  through  reflecting on how relationships work,  by mindfully practicing tac chi , I become more conscious in each moment of my life.
 I have noticed that this gives me more choices in how I respond in life. Whereas  before I would have shouted or slammed the door and walked away in an argument , now I can  l quieten my mind and listen to the other point of view. I have the time internally to respond rather than merely reacting without thought of consequences.

 When we can slow down our responses we can allow people their ' road rage ' , we can move over and let them off hoping their day will improve , instead of taking their action personally and being sucked in to their stress.
When we exercise our choice and take Control of how our day is going , we assume power in our lives not power over what will happen but power over our response.  As we do this we lose the fear of what life will throw at us and gain curiosity about how we will handle life's next challenge.

 You see I believe all life's challenges  have a purpose , I believe that one of the reasons we are here is to grow and develop , to expand our consciousness, to engage with each other and help each other to grow.
Life gives us the exact challenges we need for the next step in our journey of self discovery.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

This morning, at sunrise, a new bud appeared on the tree.  It was born around midnight.  The bark, the skin of the tree, split open under the incessant movement of its sap to make room for another life.  However, the tree was not listening, was not feeling those movements, that pain.  All it did was listen attentively to the whispering of the flowers and grasses that surrounded it.  The fragrance of the night was pure and wondrous.  The tree had no idea of passing time, of birth and death.  It was there, as present as the sky and the earth.
This morning, at dawn, I understand that this new day does not resemble any other, that this morning is unique.  We often think that we store away certain mornings for later.  But it is impossible.  Each morning is special, unique.  My friend, how do you find this morning?  It is here for the first time in our lives?  Is it the repetition of a past morning?  My friend, when we are not present, mornings repeat themselves.  If we are present in front of life, each morning is a new space, a new time.  The sun shines over different vistas, at different moments.  Your full awareness is like the moon that bathes in the heart of hundreds of rivers: the river flows, the water sings, the moon travels under the immense dome of the blue sky.  Look at that blue color, smile, and let your awareness spring up like the transparent, pure sunlight that caresses the branches and leaves in the early morning.
A morning is not a page that you cover with words and turn over at any moment.  A book is a path where one can come and go.  A morning is not a path, not even a path followed by a bird that flies away without leaving trace.  A morning is a symphony; for it to be there or not depends on your presence.
The new bud on the tree is not even a year old.  It is the bud of mindfulness and deep looking that, at each moment, in perpetual motion, opens up to life.  If you see the new bud, you will be able to go beyond the limits of time, for true life is beyond months, beyond years.
Your eyes are the immense sky, the high mountain, the deep ocean.  Your life does not know borders.  All the delicious fruit and magnificent flowers belong to you.  Accept them.
--Thich Nhat Hanh, in Call Me By My True Names

Monday, 13 August 2012

Healing on Skype

Gaving heard and read about healing at a distance I was keen to give it a go. It surprised me that the feeling was the same as when healing with someone present . The sensations that accompany the 'energy' were every bit as strong in me. Here is how it felt for my client.

Yes, of course I can provide a feedback of my experience:
To start with, I tell you about my problem. I have found out that my upper spine reaching into my head is too straight, probably from sitting in front of a computer all the time...The spine and the upper jawbone have an effect on my eardrum. If I tense up, the membrane starts vibrating. I experience this as a pulsating noise, which is very inconvenient when you want to be quiet, concentrate or e.g. read a book.

With yoga exercises for my spine and jaw and taichi exercises on my head, I have found some movements that enable me to get rid of the vibrations. However, they tend to come back, especially, when there is stress and tension (which is not so surprising).

What happened when you did the healing session was the following. I was sitting relaxed on my tatami mat and just thought of nothing, didn't expect anything, as I didn't know much of what you would do.
After a few minutes, I could suddenly feel an incredible relaxation in my upper spine on the part between the neck and the shoulder, which is exactly that part that plays a role in my tinnitus experience. Thereafter, there were a number of similar events of relaxation in my bones along the spine and shoulder. It is hard to describe, but maybe it can best be described as the feeling when the doctor pulls or turns on a dislocated joint and it falls into place again.

I had about 5 such sensations and my body felt extremely relaxed thereafter.

I cannot say that my problem is fully gone, but it has done a extraordinary job on my problem, because it has relaxed me so much and relocated some joints.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

What wonderous beings are we humans.  There is so much more to us than I ever imagined , and I'm sure there is more than I can possibly imagine from my present perspective.
Being part of the process of reconnective healing and the reconnection has really made me aware of how much we can and do communicate in subtle ways .
 We really are receivers and transmitters of 'energy' .  However we mostly do this unconsciously , learning to become aware of our ability to transmit this  'energy' feels humbling . I am awe struck when I see someone's body respond to the energy. Awe struck as the points are activated and the bodyshows a register. . I can just witness in corious amazement as arms move as if attached to strings.  Then I listen as people relate their experiences , feelings of internal stretching , readjustments inside the body, reconnection. I can understand their experience,  I have felt all this too and it is reassuring to hear other peoples experiences mirroring my own.

I spent a quiet day today contemplating these last few months watching my mind as it was trying to  'figure it out '  letting figuring out thoughts go and noticing them come back again and again. I know somewhere that this is beyond my rational mind and so I keep droping down below the thoughts as soon as I become aware that I am thinking.  The scientist in me wants answers and the mystic in me wants silence. Somehow awareness watches all and wants nothing.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I woke early this morning looking forward to Day 2 or  completing the Reconnection for my client.
It was about 7am and so I had plenty of time ( until 9. 30 ) so I meditated for awhile before my morning coffee. While meditating I was conscious of a dog crying and whining I just let it be there without bothering me. After my coffee , and having prepared my room for the Reconnection I spent some time meditating on and feeling the points and lines of the reconnection. While I was doing this the dog began to bother me, I didn't want anything to interfere with the person's experience of reconnection. The room was ready , the house was organised so pets would be looked after, phones silent etc , but now this dog ! I had a brainwave, why not do some remote healing on the dog and this might solve the problem. So I shifted my attention from working the points ( in my head ) to working on the whining dog. I don't know how long I worked but eventually I  decided to stop. It didn't seem to be having the desired effect.  I found myself letting go. I heard myself saying , relax trust in God , you can't know what the  ' best conditions ' are,  all you can do is prepare to the best of your ability ,  the rest is up to ' God or the Devinne intelligence or whatever does this healing . Suddenly I noticed the Silence the whining had stopped .  I could hardly believe it , had it really happened had there really been a dog whining , I called John , "  Did you hear the dog whining I asked,  yes he said ,
 " I don't know how people can allow a poor dog to cry like that ! "  Listen I said, we listened and sure enough he had stopped .  I told john my story and we both stood there in wonder. The Reconnection  went ahead as planned more about that tomorrow.

Friday, 10 August 2012

 " Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find , knock and the door will be answered. "
 What has made me search and knock , and knock, and knock.
 I was chatting with John yesterday and musing about Reconnection and saying how it seemed to appear out of the blue , as if it came to me from ' nowhere'.  John pointed out my long  search for healing , reminded me of all the work and years of checking out different  methods and of all the growth along the path. He helped me to realize all the healing of my body and especially of my mind that has happened along the way.  Healing can open us in so many ways and I have always felt that life is about becoming fully whole , about reintegrating the parts of us that have become lost or blocked from our consciousness.
Somehow, when we decide to make healing or becoming whole the primary focus of our lives, we are helped . It may not always seem that way , it may often seem as if we are going backwards, but in reality there is no going backwards , sometimes we may seem to be stuck , in hindsight it is often clear that this stuck time was just a chance to catch our breath , to recharge our betteries for the next assent. Or it may have been a time of preparation,  a time of searching inside to become more focused and atuned to our purpose.  There are no mistakes , the plan is in order we just need to relax and trust the unfolding , sit up and enjoy the ride , take in the view , and don't miss an ounce of the experience.

Monday, 6 August 2012

More about Reconnection


 Sometimes when I working and finding it difficult to connect to a point in someone or there doesnt seem to be a register and I think to myself  "  things are stuck ", as soon as I become aware that I think things are stuck it is if a light has gone on in me and I let go , just completely let go and watch , and wait and really listen with all of me . Then all rights irself and as  if by a miricle the point or register that was not present is here and I become  conscious that I was ' trying too hard ' wasn't relaxed and trusting the frequencies to find me , was believing that I  had to 'do something' rather than just be present to receive .

" The reconnection is about connecting our personal energy grid system ( i.e acupuncture lines and subtle anatomy, including chakras ) with the energy grid system of the universe. When we connect with the greater energy grid we receive an influx of light and information that completely transforms our body-mind-spirit . " - Reconnect Yourself

Today I completed my second  ' Reconnection ' . It is a two part process of connecting lines and points on the body. It has quite a different feel and also a different purpose to Reconnective healing.   The healing is for balance and of course healing as the name implies .
The Reconnection is about a much bigger transformation.
It is amazing to be the ' catalyst ' for a reconnection and to be present as someone's points connect and registers awaken.  Both of the people  I ' Reconnected ',  felt that Day 1, and  Day 2 were  very different and  that Day two felt stronger , ( I also felt Day 2 to be stronger when I was Reconnected ).
This process is very different from anything I have ever experienced before and it was reassuring to notice that both my clients  ( who had no idea of what to expect ) had similar experiences.
John whose Reconnection completed today said that after the first session he felt very cold for quite a while after the session, and that today he felt very cold in the lower part of his body towards the end of the session but was ok afterward.
 Margaret who was reconnected earlier this week also felt cold but described it more as waves of cold through her body during the process.
There are also many other sensations of energy flow through the body and these were very different for each person and also seemed to be different to my experience.
John reports a sense of being very alert , waking up already very alert and is curious to see what else is to come.
Margaret  phoned earlier and said it felt as if  things were falling in to place or making more sense . She says it feels like shifts are happening in her awareness.
It is an interesting and surprising journey and nobody is more surprised than me at this new direction my  life and work has taken.

"The Reconnection is the umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe that allows for Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth and are brought in via a spectrum of light and information that has never before been present on Earth. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect."
--Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

Thursday, 2 August 2012

During our training with Eric Pearl he kept reminding us that this is new and is different and to watch for ways in which this shows up for us and to us.  John my husband is sensitive , is very aware of vibes,  of peoples emotions etc. We were chatting when he came back from a trip to Cork the other day and I began to tell him of a " Heart Math " experiment I had seen in  ' The Living Matrix '. In the experiment people were wired up to detectors which would read bodily responses to images on a computer screen. The experiment was designed to investigate which responded first the heart or the brain. The images were varied some of beautiful scenes some of accident victims . The computer programme was set so that the images would appear in a  random order so nobody could predict what image would show up next. The results were very interesting. Firstly they showed that the heart responded before the brain and secondly and amazingly the heart responded before the image appeared on the screen. Yes that is true the heart  ' felt ' the next image BEFORE it appeared.  I found this fantastic and amazing and strangely reassuring.
 Anyway , when I finished speaking , John said that is strange wait until I tell you what happened in Cork.  " I had some time to pass before I could come home so I went to a graveyard ( John loves history and  likes to wander around old graveyards ) . I knew some of my relatives were buried there and thought I'd wander around and maybe come across one  of the graves.  I was walking up and down the aisles reading some headstones not really expecting  much . Then I turned in to one lane and got a very strong  'strange' feeling from the ground  up through my legs and I knew there was something along this path. Sure enough  a short walk later there was a grave belonging to our relatives. "
What was new and different about this for John. Firstly , he was amazed that I was telling him this synchronous story when he just came in, secondly he said he has never had such a strong physical sensation to alert him to or to confirm a hunch or vibe.
One of the theories about Reconnection is that it connects us to higher frequencies or higher intelligence so our structure becomes better aligned.  Maybe this is what is happening the more aligned structure is picking up the signals and consciously registering them. A bit like what I was referring to yesterday we become more open and connected to information which may have remained subconscious previously.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I havn't written for days it isn't that there is nothing to say rather I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the shifts and changes that are happening in and around me. It feels as if I am living in a new world, I seem to be meeting the same people but in a completely new way. Or maybe I'm meeting myself in a completely new way. There is no longer the reticance to talk and share my passion so I hear myself expounding on the Reconnection and all the related programmes and books that I am devouring . Now if you are interested in finding out more about all this  'new' information and ways of healing watch ' The Living Matrix ' it is on youtube and gives a great overview of some of these new modalities including  the Reconnection.
Last year I read  The User Illusion by Tor  Norretranders,  in it he explains how our conscious awareness is just a very tiny portion of the information that we have available to our subsconcious. And also that our subsconscious filters this information  (oitherwise we would be completely overwhelmed all the time and wouldn't be able to function on a normal daily way ) . However the down side is that it also filters out a lot of very interesting information so we have no idea of its existance unless  and this is the very important part  unless we open up to the possibility of these other experiences existing. Once we do this it is as if the filters ' soften ' and allow new information and new experiences of reality in.
 The other day I was telling my daughter Jo about  W. Tiller's interview about the reconnection ( on youtube ) and his referencer to Norretranders insight , and she pointed out that I was actually prooving his point in the way new information and experiences were happening to me.
As far back as I can remember I have felt that there was so much more to us than convention suggested. My poor mother had a very difficult time coping with my reading material and often books on the ' Occolt ect ' would disappear. She was a devout woman of great faith and love who believed that questioning beliefs was somehow dangerous and that the  'devil ' was out to capture souls. So she felt a big responsability to protect me from my curiosity.  Thank God she didn't succeed that part that knew there was more has been my compass, guiding my path to yoga,  tai chi , open focus, releasing a la Lester Levenson, the work Byron Katie all the way here to the reconnection.