Saturday, 11 August 2012

I woke early this morning looking forward to Day 2 or  completing the Reconnection for my client.
It was about 7am and so I had plenty of time ( until 9. 30 ) so I meditated for awhile before my morning coffee. While meditating I was conscious of a dog crying and whining I just let it be there without bothering me. After my coffee , and having prepared my room for the Reconnection I spent some time meditating on and feeling the points and lines of the reconnection. While I was doing this the dog began to bother me, I didn't want anything to interfere with the person's experience of reconnection. The room was ready , the house was organised so pets would be looked after, phones silent etc , but now this dog ! I had a brainwave, why not do some remote healing on the dog and this might solve the problem. So I shifted my attention from working the points ( in my head ) to working on the whining dog. I don't know how long I worked but eventually I  decided to stop. It didn't seem to be having the desired effect.  I found myself letting go. I heard myself saying , relax trust in God , you can't know what the  ' best conditions ' are,  all you can do is prepare to the best of your ability ,  the rest is up to ' God or the Devinne intelligence or whatever does this healing . Suddenly I noticed the Silence the whining had stopped .  I could hardly believe it , had it really happened had there really been a dog whining , I called John , "  Did you hear the dog whining I asked,  yes he said ,
 " I don't know how people can allow a poor dog to cry like that ! "  Listen I said, we listened and sure enough he had stopped .  I told john my story and we both stood there in wonder. The Reconnection  went ahead as planned more about that tomorrow.

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