Friday, 10 August 2012

 " Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find , knock and the door will be answered. "
 What has made me search and knock , and knock, and knock.
 I was chatting with John yesterday and musing about Reconnection and saying how it seemed to appear out of the blue , as if it came to me from ' nowhere'.  John pointed out my long  search for healing , reminded me of all the work and years of checking out different  methods and of all the growth along the path. He helped me to realize all the healing of my body and especially of my mind that has happened along the way.  Healing can open us in so many ways and I have always felt that life is about becoming fully whole , about reintegrating the parts of us that have become lost or blocked from our consciousness.
Somehow, when we decide to make healing or becoming whole the primary focus of our lives, we are helped . It may not always seem that way , it may often seem as if we are going backwards, but in reality there is no going backwards , sometimes we may seem to be stuck , in hindsight it is often clear that this stuck time was just a chance to catch our breath , to recharge our betteries for the next assent. Or it may have been a time of preparation,  a time of searching inside to become more focused and atuned to our purpose.  There are no mistakes , the plan is in order we just need to relax and trust the unfolding , sit up and enjoy the ride , take in the view , and don't miss an ounce of the experience.

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