Sunday, 19 August 2012

 John Kells emphasised  partner work in his T'ai Chi. How fortunate for me to train with him and his teachers and students who are all highly skilled in listening during partner work. We spent hours tuning in to ourselves while simultaneously listening to our partners movement. In the beginning I had no idea of what was going on, or even what I was listening for .  But I felt compelled to keep working at the partner work, then little by little   the work opened up to me. Somehow it reveals itself to us , as we practice we begin to tune in to subtle shifts in our own body and also notice more and more of what is going on in our partners body and in the space around our bodies. I coming to believe that the practice is a way of expanding our consciousness so we can be more aware more ,  present, and attentive. We begin to wake up to the wonder of connection, to the magic that happens in the space between. I am forever grateful for this teaching. It feels to me now that it was tailor made as a training for reconnective healing. The listening, the tuning in to ones self while listening and watching a partner this is exactly what is essential while working with a client .

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