Monday, 13 August 2012

Healing on Skype

Gaving heard and read about healing at a distance I was keen to give it a go. It surprised me that the feeling was the same as when healing with someone present . The sensations that accompany the 'energy' were every bit as strong in me. Here is how it felt for my client.

Yes, of course I can provide a feedback of my experience:
To start with, I tell you about my problem. I have found out that my upper spine reaching into my head is too straight, probably from sitting in front of a computer all the time...The spine and the upper jawbone have an effect on my eardrum. If I tense up, the membrane starts vibrating. I experience this as a pulsating noise, which is very inconvenient when you want to be quiet, concentrate or e.g. read a book.

With yoga exercises for my spine and jaw and taichi exercises on my head, I have found some movements that enable me to get rid of the vibrations. However, they tend to come back, especially, when there is stress and tension (which is not so surprising).

What happened when you did the healing session was the following. I was sitting relaxed on my tatami mat and just thought of nothing, didn't expect anything, as I didn't know much of what you would do.
After a few minutes, I could suddenly feel an incredible relaxation in my upper spine on the part between the neck and the shoulder, which is exactly that part that plays a role in my tinnitus experience. Thereafter, there were a number of similar events of relaxation in my bones along the spine and shoulder. It is hard to describe, but maybe it can best be described as the feeling when the doctor pulls or turns on a dislocated joint and it falls into place again.

I had about 5 such sensations and my body felt extremely relaxed thereafter.

I cannot say that my problem is fully gone, but it has done a extraordinary job on my problem, because it has relaxed me so much and relocated some joints.


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