Sunday, 12 August 2012

What wonderous beings are we humans.  There is so much more to us than I ever imagined , and I'm sure there is more than I can possibly imagine from my present perspective.
Being part of the process of reconnective healing and the reconnection has really made me aware of how much we can and do communicate in subtle ways .
 We really are receivers and transmitters of 'energy' .  However we mostly do this unconsciously , learning to become aware of our ability to transmit this  'energy' feels humbling . I am awe struck when I see someone's body respond to the energy. Awe struck as the points are activated and the bodyshows a register. . I can just witness in corious amazement as arms move as if attached to strings.  Then I listen as people relate their experiences , feelings of internal stretching , readjustments inside the body, reconnection. I can understand their experience,  I have felt all this too and it is reassuring to hear other peoples experiences mirroring my own.

I spent a quiet day today contemplating these last few months watching my mind as it was trying to  'figure it out '  letting figuring out thoughts go and noticing them come back again and again. I know somewhere that this is beyond my rational mind and so I keep droping down below the thoughts as soon as I become aware that I am thinking.  The scientist in me wants answers and the mystic in me wants silence. Somehow awareness watches all and wants nothing.

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