Thursday, 2 August 2012

During our training with Eric Pearl he kept reminding us that this is new and is different and to watch for ways in which this shows up for us and to us.  John my husband is sensitive , is very aware of vibes,  of peoples emotions etc. We were chatting when he came back from a trip to Cork the other day and I began to tell him of a " Heart Math " experiment I had seen in  ' The Living Matrix '. In the experiment people were wired up to detectors which would read bodily responses to images on a computer screen. The experiment was designed to investigate which responded first the heart or the brain. The images were varied some of beautiful scenes some of accident victims . The computer programme was set so that the images would appear in a  random order so nobody could predict what image would show up next. The results were very interesting. Firstly they showed that the heart responded before the brain and secondly and amazingly the heart responded before the image appeared on the screen. Yes that is true the heart  ' felt ' the next image BEFORE it appeared.  I found this fantastic and amazing and strangely reassuring.
 Anyway , when I finished speaking , John said that is strange wait until I tell you what happened in Cork.  " I had some time to pass before I could come home so I went to a graveyard ( John loves history and  likes to wander around old graveyards ) . I knew some of my relatives were buried there and thought I'd wander around and maybe come across one  of the graves.  I was walking up and down the aisles reading some headstones not really expecting  much . Then I turned in to one lane and got a very strong  'strange' feeling from the ground  up through my legs and I knew there was something along this path. Sure enough  a short walk later there was a grave belonging to our relatives. "
What was new and different about this for John. Firstly , he was amazed that I was telling him this synchronous story when he just came in, secondly he said he has never had such a strong physical sensation to alert him to or to confirm a hunch or vibe.
One of the theories about Reconnection is that it connects us to higher frequencies or higher intelligence so our structure becomes better aligned.  Maybe this is what is happening the more aligned structure is picking up the signals and consciously registering them. A bit like what I was referring to yesterday we become more open and connected to information which may have remained subconscious previously.

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