Monday, 6 August 2012

" The reconnection is about connecting our personal energy grid system ( i.e acupuncture lines and subtle anatomy, including chakras ) with the energy grid system of the universe. When we connect with the greater energy grid we receive an influx of light and information that completely transforms our body-mind-spirit . " - Reconnect Yourself

Today I completed my second  ' Reconnection ' . It is a two part process of connecting lines and points on the body. It has quite a different feel and also a different purpose to Reconnective healing.   The healing is for balance and of course healing as the name implies .
The Reconnection is about a much bigger transformation.
It is amazing to be the ' catalyst ' for a reconnection and to be present as someone's points connect and registers awaken.  Both of the people  I ' Reconnected ',  felt that Day 1, and  Day 2 were  very different and  that Day two felt stronger , ( I also felt Day 2 to be stronger when I was Reconnected ).
This process is very different from anything I have ever experienced before and it was reassuring to notice that both my clients  ( who had no idea of what to expect ) had similar experiences.
John whose Reconnection completed today said that after the first session he felt very cold for quite a while after the session, and that today he felt very cold in the lower part of his body towards the end of the session but was ok afterward.
 Margaret who was reconnected earlier this week also felt cold but described it more as waves of cold through her body during the process.
There are also many other sensations of energy flow through the body and these were very different for each person and also seemed to be different to my experience.
John reports a sense of being very alert , waking up already very alert and is curious to see what else is to come.
Margaret  phoned earlier and said it felt as if  things were falling in to place or making more sense . She says it feels like shifts are happening in her awareness.
It is an interesting and surprising journey and nobody is more surprised than me at this new direction my  life and work has taken.

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