Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I havn't written for days it isn't that there is nothing to say rather I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the shifts and changes that are happening in and around me. It feels as if I am living in a new world, I seem to be meeting the same people but in a completely new way. Or maybe I'm meeting myself in a completely new way. There is no longer the reticance to talk and share my passion so I hear myself expounding on the Reconnection and all the related programmes and books that I am devouring . Now if you are interested in finding out more about all this  'new' information and ways of healing watch ' The Living Matrix ' it is on youtube and gives a great overview of some of these new modalities including  the Reconnection.
Last year I read  The User Illusion by Tor  Norretranders,  in it he explains how our conscious awareness is just a very tiny portion of the information that we have available to our subsconcious. And also that our subsconscious filters this information  (oitherwise we would be completely overwhelmed all the time and wouldn't be able to function on a normal daily way ) . However the down side is that it also filters out a lot of very interesting information so we have no idea of its existance unless  and this is the very important part  unless we open up to the possibility of these other experiences existing. Once we do this it is as if the filters ' soften ' and allow new information and new experiences of reality in.
 The other day I was telling my daughter Jo about  W. Tiller's interview about the reconnection ( on youtube ) and his referencer to Norretranders insight , and she pointed out that I was actually prooving his point in the way new information and experiences were happening to me.
As far back as I can remember I have felt that there was so much more to us than convention suggested. My poor mother had a very difficult time coping with my reading material and often books on the ' Occolt ect ' would disappear. She was a devout woman of great faith and love who believed that questioning beliefs was somehow dangerous and that the  'devil ' was out to capture souls. So she felt a big responsability to protect me from my curiosity.  Thank God she didn't succeed that part that knew there was more has been my compass, guiding my path to yoga,  tai chi , open focus, releasing a la Lester Levenson, the work Byron Katie all the way here to the reconnection.

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