Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Christmas trip to Cork

It's great to be full of energy again.

Nothing like a few hours in the city,

To tune me in to the Christmas buzz,


To reawaken childhood memories,


And lots of shoppers,

Rides for the kids,

And then a cosy trip home listening to some festive music on Lyric fm this is Christmas at it's best.

Space and Silence have been my focus for the last week. I find silence to be a great balm, listening to nature and having tome to do my own practise is a joy and a blessing. It has been a really busy term my busiest since I stopped working as a school teacher and I really needed time to be quiet and reflect.
Sorry it has taken me so long to put these 'reminder ' exercise together for my new groups. Keep up the practise it will keep you all calm and in good spirits to enjoy the Christmas gatherings. This is especially true for those of you who are like me and need lots of space and silence this practise will nourish and recharge your spirits when the 'buzz' gets too much for you to handle. Retreat to your own space and sink into your T'ai Chi it will permeate your body mind and spirit and renew all aspects of your being. How amazing to have this support in our lives. So give yourself the daily gift of T'ai Chi.

Beginning Posture of the Mini Form from ann on Vimeo.

Full Mini Form from ann on Vimeo.

Double Figure 8 Heart exercise from ann on Vimeo.

Warm up exercises from ann on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

trim.378B4682-2BB3-42C4-B552-225C1ACF15EE from ann on Vimeo.

Mini shortform in Castletownbere last Sunday. We will start back on January 10'th What a great session we had last Sunday and a great term. Sorry that the pushing hands video didn't record!

Here is a short video of John Kells and Charles Bell pushing hands ,John Kells Pushing Hands

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Bravehearts choir is open to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer, whether they are a cancer patient, survivor or friend of a cancer sufferer.

Our choir is fun, friendly and informal. No experience needed, just a willingness to participate, perform and most importantly to have fun. Men and women welcome.

The Bravehearts choir gives its members the opportunity not only to sing but to socialise in a supportive environment.

Come along and  have a great night of singing at the Carols by Candlelight @ 7:30 pm in St Agustine's Church his Thursday Night.

Here is a link to one carol from last year's concert. Bravehearts


Saturday, 12 December 2015

I love this TED Talk given by Patti Dobrowolski and the ideas works so well with Releasing. I'm getting great feedback from people who are finding the benefits of exploring it at our last workshop. Enjoy !

Ted Talk

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Winter Garden

 The Winter Garden SOOOOOO Worth a visit. The work of !NICHE Knocknaheeny/Hollyhill Community Health Project is easy to find. Drive up Shahakiel past the Gtotto as if you are going to Blarney. Then at the next traffic lights turn right. At the next traffic lights turn right again. Drive a short way along that road past a petrol station and then you will see the lights from the garden on the hill up to your left. It is really worth your effort, fabulous for children (of all ages). So if you want to reawaken your wonder take a trip to Knocknaheeny.

 Sorry to Tracie that we can't see you properly.

 Amazing costume and Paula looking fab!

 So much work,

Monday, 7 December 2015

The NICHE Winter Garden

This year NICHE Knocknaheeny/Hollyhill Community Health Project are hosting the Winter Garden, a magical winter in storyland which takes place on Tuesday 8th December, Wednesday 9th December to Thursday 10th December 2015 from 5-7p.m.

2015 is the third year of this event and celebrates five children’s classic stories through art installations in the NICHE Community Garden: The Flower Fairies, the Northern Lights, The Very Hungry Caterillar, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Hansel and Gretel. The Winter Garden features art created by members of the local community- inspired by these children’s stories. Come and visit the flower fairy village; see the giant polar bear and the hungry crochet caterpillar; go through the wardrobe to Narnia and round off with a visit to Santa; taste delicious hot chocolate and cookies in our Magic Sweet Factory.
The 2015 Winter experience in the Community Garden is underpinned by the principle of work being done by and with the local community and show casing work done by members of the community. This Christmas celebration is free to all and an opportunity to showcase the incredible work being done in the Community Garden and in the NICHE Community Health Project.
The Lord Mayor Councillor Chris O’Leary has generously agreed to open the event for the Project on the opening evening Tuesday 8th December at 5p.m.
We, at NICHE Community Health Project, would like to invite you all to attend this event, see the art installations and meet Santa Claus. Please see attached our promotional poster.

Figure8ing in Knocknaheeny our last session before Christmas, looking forward already to working with you all again in 2016.

trim.1A681EF8-4817-42D3-BAA8-12F7BCB2C47C from ann on Vimeo.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Big thanks to you all who braved the wild weather to attend our Releasing Workshop today. What an amazing day it was. I'm looking forward to sharing all the changes that happen in our lives as a result of all the releasing that we did.
Here is the Process I promosed to share.

Sedona Method: Effortless Relationships 'Clean-Up Releasing Process'

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Releasing Workshop Saturday December 5'th

We are radiant beings however this radiance is mostly hidden under all our false beliefs.
We are often victims of these false beliefs that keep us searching outside of ourselves for answers that can only be found inside. When we learn to 'Let Go ' of these false beliefs our life opens up to many new possibilities.
Here is a simple Releasing exercise for you to experience just how simple and effective this method really is.
Think of some point of anxiety or dis-ease in your life  pick something small to begin with.
For example,a bill you need to pay, a difficult person you need to meet, something you keep putting off  ........... Find a real feeling or emotion you are experiencing that is not positive.

Now ask yourself. " Could I welcome this feeling?" ( As soon as we welcome a feeling it eases a little, try it for yourself right now and you will discover that this works. )

Next ask yourself. " Could I let this feeling go?"  If you find it difficult to let it go, ask yourself Just for now for this moment could I let this feeling go as best I can ? Just for right now.

Then ask yourself " Would I let this feeling go ?" If you find this difficult ask yourself would I rather hold on to this problem and my struggling or would I rather be free and at ease.

Finally ask yourself. "When Will I let this feeling go ?"  As best you can answer, Now.

Do this exercise right now on some issue and I bet you will feel lighter and brighter.
Releasing on any issue brings more clarity and insight. It frees up lots of energy which is often wasted by running old stories and patterns in our heads.
 If you would like to have more freedom and peace in your life join us this Saturday and experience the joy of Letting Go.

 Blackrock Community Centre 
  Saturday December 5'th
 11am - 4pm 
 Cost €35 per person 

 To reserve a place
 Phone 087 6616800  or email taichimcilraith@yahoo.co.uk

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cork ARC At Knocknaheeny

We are delighted to offer support at the NICHE Centre in Knocknaheeny,

 Thursday morning from 10.30-12.30.

 We invite you to join us for Tea,

T'ai Chi,

and time to relax and unwind.

trim.C1AFE9D9-D7A9-4A97-ACAD-990E049423B6 from ann on Vimeo.

This Thursday will be the last session before Christmas so come and experience a morning of peace and calm.