Thursday, 5 December 2013

Connections And Interconnections

"Light here is literally the substance and matter of our thought life. Thus, as our thought become attuned to the vibration of Creative Divinity, so the substance of our bodies changes, becomes less dense and reflecting more Light.
We carry our own Light. The greater therefore the selflessness and illumination of our minds and the more positive our response to higher frequency of vibration, the purer and brighter is the Light transmitted by us. "
- from  Helen Greaves Testimony of Light.  The book is based on the communications that Helen received telepathically from her friend Francis which began three weeks after Francis' death.
I am really excited about my mother 'appearing ' to awaken me into a lucid dream state (as in my  blog post stick insects , worms and my mother  ).
It seems to me ( and this may sound strange ) that she is helping me, that I'm getting her help and approval for my work.
In a small way it reminds me of the support and help Helen received from fer friend Francis.
 I have often written about her disapproval for any interest in occult matters and by occult I mean Yoga, T'ai Chi , Astrology , Palmistry anything that was outside her idea of Catholic.
She softened a little towards my work after her Near Death Experience, in her last days she told me  that I had healing in my hands and that I would use them in my work. This was the only time that she referred to my work in a favourable light.
 I interpreted her 'silence ' as disapproval but it may also have been her fear that I would get a 'swollen head'  ( almost as bad as not being fully Catholic).
Anyway , now it seems or feels to me that a change has come about in our relationship.
A huge warmth and gratitude has arisen in me for the help I am receiving.
This fits in with the much of the material I have been reading about how 'spirits' can help us from the other side.  ( funnily enough my mother always  had a big sense of being helped by my father who had died when she was forty five ). This didn't contradict any of her Catholic beliefs.
   Here is a link to a review of Testimony of Light  if you would like to know more.

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