Thursday, 12 December 2013

Self Sabotage And A Sense Of Humour

       I'm working to become more lucid in my dreams

 And I need find a way to stop sabotaging my attempts need to brighten up !

           In a few recent attempts I have woken myself up with the
           excitement of realizing I'm dreaming, and this morning was the
           last straw.
           In this mornings dream I was visiting a castle John (my husband )
           was with me and we noticed that there were a lot of police
           around they were on alert with guns out, as if they were waiting
           for an attack. Then I thought to myself this is more like a movie
           ( Irish police never have guns ). I must be dreaming.
           Stupidly I decided to check if I was dreaming by
                    OPENING MY EYES !!!!!
          As soon as they opened I was raging with myself .
          Thank God for having a sense of humour now at least I can
          see the funny side of it.
          I am also grateful for my philosophy of looking for the positive,
         when I reflect in that way I feel that at least some awakening is
          happening and that is encouraging.

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