Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Learning To Go With The Flow

Here again  is the one of the Energy exercises from the weekend. I developed this exercise last summer and had put it on the  ' back boiler' . Then when I was planning the workshop it kept coming to mind. Including it was such a good idea . Everyone ' got ' the feel of ' joining ' with each other and keeping the energy flowing , one person giving while the other receives and then reversing each half  cycle of the exercise.
This giving and receiving of energy becomes very clear to people after they have practiced the version below.  

In this version of the exercise we 'meet ' in the centre and it feels a little like a clash of energy. This contrasting feeling really helps us to awaken to the feel of energy, and also how it  feels to  with  or against the flow of energy.

A fairly cool skill to develop as we are always in a floe of energy and being able to 'read ' the direction and the flow makes for a much clearer smoother more fulfilling life .

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