Tuesday, 3 December 2013

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I  love when someone challenges me ( be careful what you wish for) or asks a question that expands my point of view.
 Since Eliz asked why I focus on the energetic benefits of T'ai Chi thoughts and experiences have been coming into my mind .
 In effect I have been answering the question over and over in my head since Saturday.
This has been a very powerful question foe me as it has helped to clarify my understanding of just why the energy aspect is so important.
Here are just a few of the insights that have become even clearer over the last few days.
We are more than our physical bodies , our energy body which surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body has a huge impact on our physical body.
" Wherever the mind goes the energy follows " In our practice we move our minds all around and through and beyond our bodies.
 We embody the movements physically and mentally and energetically
 Beginners really have to work very hard to 'get' the postures and this is a great way of focusing their energy.
 I think this helps explain why T'ai Chi can have such a big impact on balance , strength serenity in a relatively short time .
We are not just moving our bodies in a beautiful way , we are moving our minds , our energy and  our spirit.
The integration of all these elements is what makes this practice so special and  unique .
Yes our balance improves , Yes we become more flexible in mind and body, Yes we become more self contained and serene.
Best of all we become captivated by the mystery of this Art which all words fail to express.

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