Saturday, 7 December 2013

Looking for the Good

I just love the sentiments in this video which I posted yesterday  here  for  anybody who hasn't seen it. I have seen so often that I will find evidence for anything that I'm look for consciously .

When sports coaches showed teams replays of videos showing them their mistakes they did improve a little on their performance. however when they changed the strategy and only showed them their best moments their game improved much faster.

Isn't this more confirmation of the positive benefits of paying attention to what is already working well , and we will get more of what is working well.

This has so many implications personally and professionally the mind boggles.

Imagine what it would be like if we all paid attention to the best aspects of our spouses, children friends and most importantly of our imagined enemies.

What if teachers paid more attention to the successes of children than to pointing out what was incorrect.

My heart soars with the thought of a world of people looking for the GOOD.

Let's do it today , let's look for the good all around us and let's CELEBRATE the GOOD.

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