Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sweet Memories of Mercy Sisters, Bee's Wax and Cake

Convent of Mercy Charleville

Warm welcomes into gleaming wax scented parlours, tea in beautiful china cups and of course sweet cake.
These are some of the  ' thought - feelings'  ( I must invent a word  nostalgic doesn't capture the emotion )for the sensations that arose in me yesterday at Sr. Monica's funeral.

Sr Monica was a member of the Charleville convent and I came to know her through my beloved  Uncle Seamus. When he was in his late eighties and becoming more feeble Sr Monica would call to him each day .
Always smiling and and full of care for him and anybody else who might be around. She brought peace with her, a calm serenity that surrounded her no matter what was happening externally. She was already an old sister when she was caring for U Seamus.  In my opinion she epitomised the very best in human nature.

Yesterday as we sat in the church during her funeral Mass, and followed her Coffin to the Convent graveyard I was filled with memories of bygone days. Times when convents were full of nuns both young and old. Convents have had a lot of bad press in recent times but there is another side, there are the stories of many  ' Sister Monica's ' not only in Charleville but throughout the world whose love and dedication to their beliefs, brought peace, education, comfort and help to many needy people who otherwise would have been neglected.

No institution is perfect because we are all imperfect, however there are beacons of light in all societies, people who embody the ideals of their founders. Sr Monica was one such sister, those of us who came in contact with her were enriched by her presence .
 Let's be thankful for the presence of the many people like Sr Monica who enrich our lives.
 Let's also be thankful for the Mercy Sisters and all the great work the have done world wide in service of  humanity.

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