Wednesday, 1 January 2014

" A wonderful harmony arises from joining together the seemingly unconnected" Heraclitus

" Much of what we call thinking is our ability to connect ideas together. Why is "joining together the seemingly unconnected " so special ? The more often the same ideas are brought together again and again, the more predictable they become, and the less thought they generate. Conversely it the connection of previously unconnected ideas that stimulate us to think, that make us say "Aha !" And see our situation in a fresh way.
Doing something new, or some of the same things in a new way is a great way to stimulate our creative process.
Even deciding to drive a different road to work can be a great way  to awaken a new outlook.
A new year is just beginning, it offers a chance to do things in a fresh way.
I for one have decided to tackle the internal self critic  ( in a new way ), instead of trying to shut her up
 (which hasn't worked so far ) I'm going to welcome her in and just allow her to comment without answering back.
 Up to this point we have often spent long sessions trying to out do each other .
My new approach is to declare a truce and allow her to sit in the corner and be a commentator.
 Treat her like the background music in the shop that plays on but doesn't interfere too much in my day.
Let's see if this new joining will prove stimulating and hopefully freeing .

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