Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Short Form Lessons And A Little More About Projection

Waving Hands to Squatting Single Whip from ann on Vimeo.

Short form lessons 1,2and 3 from ann on Vimeo.

Lately I haven't had any lucid dreams or interesting night journeys at least not ones I remember.
Studying with the International Academy Of Consciousness I learned  that we all leave our physical body each night, when we sleep our energy body separates from our physical body and hovers just above the physical body.
 Waldo Viera ( who founded the academy ) wrote Projections of the  Consciousness A Diary of  Out-of-Body Experiences. He has devoted his life to the study of this phenomenon and his book is a fascinating account of some the experiences he has had.
He believes that becoming conscious in the projected state is a part of our evolution as species.
 When we become conscious in that state and learn to direct our explorations we can meet with advanced teachers and learn skills which we can then use in our daily lives to help ourselves and others.
Since I began studying this topic I have come across fascinating accounts of OBE travels and also learned of many artists and writers whose work has been enhanced through lucid dreaming or conscious OBE encounters.
Aren't we lucky to live in an age when this evolution of consciousness is becoming more widely known and written about.
The Tibetans have been teaching ' dream yoga' foe centuries and training  monks to become conscious in their sleep.  Now we have the opportunity to learn about this level of consciousness and even have some conscious projections ourselves.

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