Saturday, 25 January 2014

Let's Try A Diet Of Love

Just for today ,  even just for the next hour be aware of your thoughts, and notice the  thoughts you are feeding to your mind  are they thoughts of love, of joy, and abundance be watchful for the fear based thoughts that arise and gently direct your mind back in a loving direction.
This is not escapism this is creation , by directing your mind to the love that is already present you will become more aware of that love. you will actually amplify the love you feel and experience.
Look around your room , your house your garden and become aware of the objects you love.
Bask in the warm glow of the happy memories that arise when viewing a gift from a loved one.
I have many objects that inspire loving thoughts  as soon as I take the time to contemplate how I came to have them.  A beautiful old coffee pot which belonged to my grandmother ( who had died long before I was born)or her  photo  ( above)  that hangs in my living room. The photo came from my Uncle Seamus' house and I love it both because he loved it so much and also because I feel connected to her when I really look at it.
Why not take the time to become aware of the treasures around your home and derive the pleasure and love they are ready to bestow. 

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