Monday, 6 January 2014

We are beings of light having this physical experience to grow and learn. This is a mystery I am believing more and more each day. So many 'coincidences' are happening all around, so many amazing connections that bring the next step.
More and more I am realizing the importance of our thoughts and imagination. The thoughts we think have a huge influence on our daily life, on the events that happen to us and also on how we respond to the events that happen to us.
The most important work we need to do ( in my opinion ) is train our minds so we can be conscious of our thoughts. When we become conscious of what we are thinking about we can begin to recognise the relationship between our thoughts and the ' happenings ' in our daily life.
Try it for yourself just start watching the movement of your mind and in time the interrelationship between your thoughts and your experience will become evident to you.
Then you will begin to cultivate positive thoughts , you will want to read positive stories and spend your time and your thoughts wisely .

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