Sunday, 26 January 2014



Earlier this week I posted a link to Sam Barnes a seventeen year old young man with a rare disease which has stunted his physical growth but has not stunted his mental growth or mental  health. If you haven't watched the talk I strongly urge you to do so here.
Sam has a similar philosophy to many of the self help teachers I am fortunate enough to have trained with.
People like Larry Crane who reminded us to set an intention, for each day, and then keep resetting  it during the day. Larry always said "If you don't know where you are going you can't get there".
There have been many times when I have been on automatic pilot not quite sure of what I was aiming to achieve , without clear intentions.  Looking back at those times now I can see how my lack of direction and focus left me feeling frustrated and depressed.
Now I have learned to set clear intentions for my day. The more I do this the clearer, more productive and happier my days become.
Making intentions to notice love, fun and  kindness. Intending to inspire and be inspired have made my days exciting opportunities to grow. Having an intention to find fun each day is really one of the best intentions as finding fun invariably leads to laughter which lightens everything and everybody around.
It helps you deal with life's petty annoyances.
Like this morning when I was turning over to have the luxury of a second sleep ( the best time for lucid dreaming ) and Googles just insisted on scratching at my door until there was no choice but to get up and let her in. This morning I  decided to laugh at the situation to enjoy her insistence, her pushiness.  We are quite alike and often clash. Googles like me has very clear intentions and on other occasions I have allowed her focused intention to upset my mood.
John my husband loves her pushiness and when it annoys me I'm forced to wonder what button it's pressing, what aspect of me is she mirroring. Then I have a choice to smile and even  laugh, to accept and love the pushy side of her and come to love and accept a little more  the pushy side in me.

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