Thursday, 16 January 2014

How To Achieve Goals

Another really good way to improve your self esteem is through  achieving your goals .
Firstly your goals need to be realistic to you , there is no point setting yourself up for failure be aiming too high as this will have the opposite effect ( I know this mistake all too well ).
If you haven't been setting goals start small set goals for your day and review that evening this is a really good practice.  When you succeed at small goals each day your confidence and self esteem grows naturally. You know for certain that the method works and this inspires you to set goals for your week and then month and in no time you will be on the way to your dreams and loving the journey.
If you haven't a goal set for today take the time right now to make it.
You could set a goal to contact an old friend and make a date for coffee.
You could set a goal to write of a list of 20 things you are truly grateful and thankful for.
If you have joined a T'ai Chi Class you could set the goal of practicing for 10 minutes.
Just do it.
Then review my post ( here is the link) Be Sure To Have A Dream use the exercise there each morning and evening and watch your goals, and dreams materialise.
As the great Releasing teacher Larry Crane says , " If you don't know where you are going you can't get there  '.

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