Thursday, 23 January 2014

Consciousness Development Programme Coming To Dublin

I'm delighted to announce that the IAC are going to offer the Consciousness Development Programme in Ireland. I attended this course in London last summer and fount it to be really interesting. I learnt energy exercises at the course that have really enhanced my lucidity and awareness.
 CDP 1 is a 10 hour course and will be offered 5 hours Saturday Feb 8'th and 5 hours Sunday 9'th.

Topics covered
The CDP integrates a wide range of themes, giving students a cohesive, verifiable framework for understanding themselves, their energetic nature, psychic phenomena, paranormal occurrences, their relationships, and even their purpose in life. Key themes include:
          The multidimensional nature of our existence
          Paranormal and psychic phenomena - how they are produced, how to develop our abilities
          Energy (chi, prana, subtle energy) - using it to help ourselves and others
          Out-of-body experiences (astral projection) - what they are, their importance, techniques to induce them.
          Retrocognition (past-life recall)
          Non-physical helpers (spirit guides)
          Other dimensions (non-physical planes)
          Self-awareness and personal evolution
          Cosmoethics (multidimensional ethics)
          Life after death
          Existential program (life purpose)

I will post details of the cost, the venue ,and how to reserve a place over the next few days.
You can find more information about the IAC in the link on my blog.

Just this morning I had another  lucid dream ,  there is something magical about waking up within the dream. This morning after I realised I was dreaming I said to the woman in my dream " I'm dreaming so you are in my dream . Why are you here ? " As soon as I asked her she began to dissolve before my eyes. Then I stayed calm ( I usually get so excited that I awaken ) .  I wanted to do something but had no plan so the dream turned a bit blank I was floating past white tiles along a corridor. Then I woke up,  now  while writing this I remember Steven Laberge  suggesting that you have a plan for your next lucid dream.
No prises for guessing what I will work on in my journal today.

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