Friday, 10 January 2014

New T'ai Chi Term Beginning Next Week


The new term kicks off in Cork on Monday morning January 13'th with the ARC House Class @ 12pm.
A big welcome to all who have signed up for this term can't wait to meet you all.

The Dervish ' Drop In ' class is on at 2pm  I'm delighted with the interest in this new venture and am looking forward to this city centre daytime T'ai Chi and from the phone calls it looks like I'm not alone in that.

The 3'rd beginners class starts Monday Evening @ 7pm in Woodview Drive Community Cenrre Mallow

What an interesting T'ai Chi day Monday promises to be.

New beginners are also welcome to the Tuesday Evening class in Blackrock . This class starts at 7.15pm

All beginners will learn the  Mini Form shown below  ( Davis College beginners from last year ).

Tai Chi is an amazing practice.
The benefits of learning this art are well documented, our health improves and flexibility of both body and mind is enhanced.
A calm descends as we engage in T'ai Chi and somehow this calm is absorbed as if by osmosis through our cells and little by little we become calm from the inside out.
I could write more and more about the benefits however for a change I am posting a link to an article I read during the week.
 In Awakening Sight by David Ulrich he describes the changes that occurred  in his perception following an accident,  his description reminded me in many ways of my own journey and made me thankful that one doesn't have to have a serious accident in order to wake up to this wonderful  life.
Awakening Sight

Davis Class Mini Form from ann on Vimeo.

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