Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Your Emotional Guidance System

Here are Ester and Gerry Hicks, they have presenting the teachings of Abraham for many years.
Ester continues to spread the teaching since Gerry died. They have written many books among them Ask And It Is Given. The main thrust of the teaching is that we have in internal guidance system that lets us know when we are in tune with ' Source' ( source being  God,  Divine Intelligence or Eternal Knowing whatever name you give to that mysterious presence ).
Source vibrates on the high frequencies of Bliss , Love and Joy . The closer we are emotionally to these vibrations the closer we are to the Source  and the more we resonate with our true nature. It makes sense then that the more we tune ourselves to those high vibrations the better we feel . This is where our emotional guidance system comes in. We need to pay attention to how we feel  moment to moment and take responsibility for our emotions. We need to learn how to adjust our emotions upwards, by learning to recognise topics and activities  that lift our spirits we can take charge of how we feel and so begin to tune in to those higher vibrations.

                                                  Emotional scale
Here on the emotional scale we can see that depression , fear, grief and powerlessness are at the bottom of the scale, when we vibrate there we are a long way from our source. It is not easy to move directly from fear to bliss we need to move up the scale bit by bit and learn ways to nourish positive emotions that move us closer and closer to source.
Over the years of study and training I have learned the ways that keep me on the higher vibrations ( most of the time ).
 T'ai Chi , Open Focus Training Energy Work, Fun with my Family and Walks with Su  are some of the ways that work for me . Make your own list and use it lo keep your spirits up and watch how your life grows more fun and abundant.

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