Sunday, 20 October 2013

What Is Your Most Prized Possession ?

Think about it  for a minute or two or three . . . . . . . . . . .

What Is Your Most Prized Possession.

There is no question about it for me, my MIND is my very most prized possession.

All my blogging is about the importance of the mind. All my reading , study , and work is to develop this wonderful gift  which is also our instrument.

Think for a minute about how much time you devote to this amazing instrument.

Have you learned how to tune it ?

Have you spent time learning how to put it to work for you, or does it run on automatic pilot ?

If you do not take the time to learn how your mind works it will be run by others, by the advertising companies, by your conditioning, by everything but you.

Have you ever started a project or set a goal that hasn't succeeded ?

I bet you have just like I have  ( many times ) .

But you also had success  ( if you are reading this you are a success , we who can read and use computers have succeeded in mastering our minds to a certain degree ).

However we all want more and this is RIGHT .

 We are meant to have Dreams .

 We are meant to follow our Dreams our Projects and our Goals and we are Meant to Achieve our Goals.

They are from our Divine Mind.

 Once we recognise that they come from our Higher Self  that they are in fact inspired  to help us and our world to advance we get the courage and help to follow our Dreams.

What has this got to do with our MIND ? you might ask .

It has everything to do with our MIND, because you can have all the Dreams and  Goals in the world but if you have not learned how to use your MIND success will be hit and miss.

There are any number of ways to train your MIND and I write about them all the time.

Making a daily Gratitude journal and any other writing method of focusing on the positive aspects of life trains your MIND to notice and acknowledge these aspects of your life and causes them to multiply.

If you  ( like me ) have been practicing these methods you will have plenty of evidence of this by now .

 It is especially important to write about your successes because when your small mind tries to take you off track your Big MIND will have easy access to memories that will lift your spirits and get you right back to higher feeling thoughts and vibrations which will help you to stay focused .

Anything and everything is possible when you have a well disciplined mind.

Writing this my friend Pat's inspiring email came to my mind so I thought I'd share as it is well worth reading again and again.

Dear Ann
I took a brief look at your website this morning.  I like the simple thought that what we give our minds to will grow, and I have found it true.
I always believed I couldn't sing, although sometimes by myself in the kitchen I recognized that the noise I was making wasn't altogether bad, but if I tried to join in with a carol, I felt I had no idea how to pitch my voice, and just grumbled they always played everything too high.  Then a few years ago - when I was 75 or 76! - I went along to a 'Third Age' group and plucked up the courage to sing.  I kept that up, and was surprised to find my voice revealed itself as stronger than I had imagined, and also I could cope with the high notes.
I've enjoyed it so much, that last September I joined a 'Singing from Scratch'  evening class, because I can go more frequently there, and there is more teaching.  Now, at 81, I've discovered I am a soprano!  It's like a new lease of life, and a whole new persona I didn't suspect was in me.  Around Christmas we did a couple of concerts where all the singing groups perform.  At one of them I was the only soprano who turned up, so I sang the tune and the rest harmonised with me.  I still can't believe it.
Tai Chi is the basis of my singing, not only because of the posture, but because I realised that to reach the high notes I had to relax and sink, as well as projecting out of myself to whoever was listening.
This is a lot about me, and in some ways seems the opposite of what you are saying, but I thought you might be interested .  It is not the amount of time that  we give directly to our interests that is important, is it?  All kinds of things in my life came together once I overcame the fear and led me to what I had always longed to do.  It's never too late.
Best wishes to John and your daughters, and love to you.

I would love to hear some of your stories whether they are about how you focus your MIND about or related subjects so we can share this inspiring journey with others and keep each others spirits lifted.

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