Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Allowing your light to shine out

I have been paying a lot of attention to ' What I'm paying attention to ' lately.

What I mean is I have been really focusing my mind on the effect of attention.

I notice that when I devote some time in the morning to focus on a word , for example when I spend time thinking and especially feeling what a word such as Fun means to me I tend to have more fun that day.

When I focus on Kindness I seem to be more conscious of the kindness around it often seems that there is more kindness happening that day. Like last week when I focused on mushrooms at the start of my morning walk and suddenly there were mushrooms everywhere I looked .

Having noticed this effect I have begun to write lists of aspects of my life that I enjoy , aspects that are working .

I write out what I like and enjoy about my relationships .
 Make lists of positive aspects about my classes.
List the positive aspects of my  Reconnective Practice.
 In fact I'm writing lists about every aspect I can think of and this is waking me up to all the positive aspects of my life.

This is a very good exercise to practice,  because we are actually hardwired to pay attention to the things that are not working.
Negative aspects of our lives tend to stick to the mind like velcro where as positive ones tend to slip through unnoticed.
 This is why it is so important to highlight the positive aspects by any and every means.

We all have the ' Light ' inside these exercises help me become aware of the ' Light ' that is present in my life and this awareness lifts my spirit and allows me to become more and more conscious of the 'Light ' all around.


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