Monday, 21 October 2013

Beginners lessons for Monday and Tuesday's classes and a very interesting Mind story.

I know that I heard this story once before but I just can't remember the occasion.
Anyway I think it's a good one and true so worth telling especially as I'm so into the mind .

This man went into a rail car that was ' parked ' on a siding and the door accidentally closed on him.
Unfortunately it was a refrigeration car and the walls and door were thick and even though  he shouted and banged on the door nobody heard him so he was stuck in there.

As the night wore on he felt himself weakening and managed to write a few lines on the wall.

The first said  '" I'm getting colder and colder ".

Then  " Very weak now.  "

Finally  " I have no strength left this is probably the last word I will write ".

When the doors were opened they found the man dead.

The strange thing was that the refrigeration system wasn't working and the temperature inside the car had been  57°.

\I think you will agree that it is an interesting story  about how a person's beliefs can effect the  body.

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