Sunday, 6 October 2013

ARC House News and why we have to refocus each day

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This promises to be a great evening and an exhibition 
 well worth visiting. 

I have discovered approaching  each day as a new beginning
is really valuable.  Unfortunately yesterdays appreciation and 
focus only spills over so far. It certainly helps, but each new 
day brings new challenges and so we need to reawaken our 
We need to stop early in the morning ( I like to do this while
 lying in bed ) and focus on all that is working for us. 

Sometimes I just  focus on lovely warm feeling of the bed. 

 Or maybe I'll relax into happy memories of fun remembering 
something that happened the day before.  

I  ask my mind to bring me thoughts that are in harmony
with my deepest desires. 

I  ask the universe , my higher,  nature God  to bring me 
ideas and people who will inspire me. 

Then I'm ready to begin my day expecting it to be new 
and exciting and full of fun and surprises. 

I have found this to be an amazing way of refocusing 
on what works and Boy does it work. 

Have a fun inspired Day 

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