Tuesday, 1 October 2013

     By the deficits , we may know the talents, by the exceptions
     we may discern the rules, by studying pathology we may construct
     a model of health. And  -  most important - from this model we
     evolve the insights and tools we need to affect our lives, mould
     our own destinies, change ourselves and our society in ways
     that, as yet we can only imagine.

                 Laurence Miller

    The world shall not perish from lack of wonders but from
        lack of wonder .

                    J.B.S. Haldine

  I love these quotes the first one really speaks to to me and
  confirms that we need to recognise our pathologies, our
  personal pathologies along with those of our society.  I
  believe that by working on our thinking we can address our
  and ' cure ' our own pathologies and as we do this we have
  a positive effect on our environment , the people we interact
  with and thus also on our society.

  The second one gives me my WORD for today WONDER.

   Just for a minute close your eyes and recall the last time you
  you consciously experienced WONDER.  GO ON DO IT !

   Nature always evokes this sense in me and that is one reason
   I love to take trips away.

    But WONDER can be induced just by slowing down and
      taking the time to WONDER at the magic of a flower.

            Or the miracle that is an APPLE.   Contemplating their growth

    from spring blossoms  fills me with awe.

    So why not take some time to cultivate your own WONDER.

    The rewards are countless.

     With  LOVE and WONDER at our connection. Ann


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