Wednesday, 9 October 2013

' A Mushroom Walk

               Evidence for  " What you pay attention to grows. "

Today as we entered the woods I  spotted some mushrooms 
and wondered to myself if today's visit  would be a 'fungi '  walk. 

              As we moved along the paths I was not prepared for the
               abundance of fungi that presented themselves

                             White ones

                Black ones

Red ones 

                          A beautiful small one growing a cap

                           and a few steps later his ' big  brother '

There were branches with  ' fungi forests ' 

Everywhere I looked !

I was astonished never before had I had such 
dramatic evidence of attention manifesting such
an abundance. 

Had all those mushrooms been there yesterday ?

I had never before seen black mushrooms , or ones with 
caps ! 

What a magical  woodland visit .

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