Thursday, 24 October 2013

Focusing attention to enhance your energy environment

As you read these lines, become aware of all the sounds that your ears perceive. Notice how, as you become aware of this, your your attention on your inner condition increases. Now start paying attention to everything that your body is feeling.  Can you feel your toes, your hair , your elbows , legs and so forth ? Keep these two perceptions in focus and become aware now of all the colours and tones that your eyes and ears are capturing. Again feel how you are becoming more aware of your surroundings, more awake,, lucid.
Now, pay attention to everything that you are thinking. Observe all the thoughts that have been coming into your mind and how you deal with them.  In deepening this condition, you develop a state of greater awareness. In this state, feeling very aware and alive, you can begin to send out ' energies ' to your room, manifesting flows that are intense so as to ' renovate' the energetic information  in your room, work place etc .

This exercise ( reminiscent of  Dr. Fehmi's  Open focus exercises ) comes from Luis Minero's fascinating book ' Demystifying the  out - of -body  Experience.

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