Thursday, 3 October 2013


I have been thinking about appreciation , and have noticed
 that I don't give my body that much appreciation. So todays
blog is about just that ( and I have a feeling that I opening a
treasure chest ).

When I stop to contemplate this body I'm struck by how
much I take for granted.

Firstly I know that this may sound strange but I feel that
expecting  'it ' to be here when I wake up is one way of
taking it for granted.

Indulge me for a minute and imagine waking up and your
body is gone !  Someone stole it during the night.

You are still here but now you are an awareness without
a physical body  ( A ghost perhaps ).

You can no longer feel the touch of your loved ones.

Nor can you smell your coffee brewing.

Or see the autumn colours ripening.

Or feel yourself sink into a Tai Chi  posture .

What would you miss most ?

Let's use this meditation to remind ourselves of just how
much this body means to us.

Ps I just came across this video and Goosebumps
it just fits in.        Kindness

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