Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Connecting ourselves to ' heaven' earth and the world

This is one of my favourite T'ai Chi Exercises.  John Kells created it.

In it we connect to heavens energy  ( the universe ,eternity whatever expansion appeals to you ) and draw that into us on the upward movement.

We connect to the earths energy and draw it up into us on  the downward circle .

As the arms open out on each circle we connect to the worlds energy
  ( people , animals ,environment etc).

This is a wonderful way to reconnect and recharge our energy while doing so.

This energy is always available to us we just need to stop for a  few minutes and take the time to reach up to heaven and draw energy in or just open and allow it to flow in to us . and open to the ground and allow it's energy to flow into us.

 And then we are ready for the world .

If you are somewhere and can't stand up and stretch fully into the exercise just imagine and feel  the movements really expand into them and the energy will flow in to you and you will feel recharged.

You can even imagine that you are at your favourite energising  place and that energy will flow to you.

You are giving yourself  a 'mini holiday '.

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