Thursday, 10 October 2013

The physical body as a feedback tool.

Our physical bodies are fabulous ' devices ' for letting us know exactly what is going on consciously and  subconsciously.

T'ai Chi, Open Focus and meditation are ways we learn to listen to and feel what our bodies are telling us.

Try it now , stop for a moment and listen to your body. . . .

Feel your face , take your time , feel all around your eyes notice how they feel.


   LET   GO    RELAX

Now feel all around your jaw.  Notice any sensations you can feel there , really feel your jaw .

Feel the surface of the skin on your jaw. Notice what the skin feels like.

Then Think ,


Become aware of your tongue inside your mouth . Really listen to how your tongue feels .
Does it feel big , tingly , soft ? Does it fill the whole space inside your mouth ?  Just feel it and the space it occupies. Take a little time to get to know your tongue.

Now notice if it is relaxed.

Then Think


Already you will be feeling more present more relaxed .

When you take the time to develop awareness of the tension you hold  by practicing these exercises
you develop a feedback mechanism that ' alerts ' you when you
 '  tense up ' during the day.

Then you can recognise that something is bothering you consciously or unconsciously.

You don't need to figure it out you can just soften the tense areas and notice how the problems seem to sort themselves out as soon as you learn to  LET GO.

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