Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wren's Visit

Earlier this evening John ( my husband ) called me , I was chatting on the phone to our daughter Jo so didn't respond immediately and he shouted , " Ann it's really important come quickly " . So I told Jo must go John wants me. When I got down stairs I saw that Googles , our cat had brought in a small bird,  who was  by now lying limp on the floor and Googles was relaxing watching and waiting to be applauded for bringing home her prey.
 John said " I wonder if it's dead or maybe it is badly hurt and  in shock . "  I picked it up and said, " It does seem dead to me " .
 Then John said, " No I think it actually looks alive ",  and with that it gave a little twitch.
 I took it up stairs in the palm of my hand and sat on my bed feeling it as best I could.
 It was so small and light it felt as if there wasn't anything there.
 I really had to focus to feel its subtle vibrations..
 I sat there for a while as the evening drew in and wondered what to do.
I thought if it dies at least it will die in a loving atmosphere, then I thought maybe it is not meant to die maybe I should try some Reconnective healing.  So I gently brought  my free hand up above it's body and began to feel for the  'energy' then I slowly drew the  " energy through and along its body. I didn't do too much of this because I felt the ' energy ' might be too much for such a small animal.
Then I just sat there sending love and drawing a little energy every now and then.
 About a half hour later John came to enquire , "Any change Ann ? he asked . "
Not much  "I said..
 John turned on the light so we could have a better look .
 Suddenly the head moved and next thing to the sound of flapping wings we saw it fly to the window.
 As soon as I opened the window off it flew, leaving us full of wonder and delight.
 Such an amazing experience , so glad John called me and gave this little bird a second chance.
It felt like such a KIND happening .
 Was it yet another coincidence like yesterday's FUN coincidence or is  life  interacting  with us in such amazing ways all the time ?
 I don't  know the answer but I'm certainly keeping up the experiment .

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