Thursday, 12 September 2013

Beginning T'ai Chi

Here is the Mini Form I developed as an introduction to T'ai Chi.

 What I like about it is it obeys the principles of T'ai Chi while allowing people to begin training on movements which are simple.

 It is based on the Yang style short form so when people want to learn that they already have a good foundation.

 However the mini form can stand on it's own as a T'ai Chi practice for people who are busy and need some way to wind down .
It  can be used as a short trip inside to recharge and renew one's energy and develop concentration, empathy and connection to one's self and the world.

Here is the Mini Form  with the ARC group from last term.

Here I'm calling out the postures.

Finally here is the centring exercise based on open focus training.

So looking forward to next week classes and to meeting new students and getting back to work with some old friends too.

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