Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Still Experimenting !

If you are experimenting with me there is one very important aspect of this  ' work ' that I forgot to mention yesterday.
We need to review our day, probably the best time for this is around bedtime,  I remembered to do it on my way to bed last night but was too tired to blog right then.

So let's do it again now  ( all that really matters is that we remember to do it and take stock )

Yesterday the words I was ' focusing '  on were  FUN , FRIENDSHIP, VITALITY, and FLOW.
If I'm honest I think that was a few too many.

In my review the one that stood out was FUN I really found myself laughing more yesterday and noticing fun more than usual.

When I was out with Su and Garry we passed the local primary school and the 'low infants ' were in the school yard learning some first words in Irish. They each  had a 'football '  and were  ' playing ' with the balls to learn the words . The teacher would sing " Liathroid ar mo ceann " ( ball on my head  ) and all the children would repeat. " liathroid ar mo ceann ". There was fun and excitement in the air the young teacher was fabulous and making the experience  fun. It was in her voice and in the children's responses.

Was it a ' coincidence ' that I ' met 'this group ,  was it that I had primed myself to notice fun ?
We can never be fully sure but that was just one of the  FUN events in my day yesterday so I'm keeping that word active .
As I said earlier I think I had too many words yesterday so today I'm sticking with FUN and I'm going  to add KINDNESS.

Notice what words you chose yesterday ( it is a good idea to write them down ).
Take a few minutes to close your eyes and review yesterday. ( NOW )

When you I find  evidence of the word working write down your observations.
This is really important as it lets your mind know that you want more evidence and this helps .

Now pick your words for today . Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed focusing on each word to awaken memories and prime your day.

Now I must dash off as Su needs her walk before my  " Workshop " at 12 15pm .

Can't wait to see what FUN and KINDNESS turns up in my life today.

And I hope you have a Fabulous day too.

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