Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Human Energy Field

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Here below I have posted  a little information about the human energy field.
 When you practice meditation eg T'ai Chi, your energy field becomes ' charged ' .
 It is not just T'ai Chi or meditation that does this.
Whenever your spirits lift , while smiling, while remembering happy memories, planning happy outings, bumping into friends who make you laugh etc .
All these positive ' happenings ' charge your energy body and  increase its vibration, and this helps you in many ways.
 It  improves your mood and your health and also helps you feel more connected and integrated in your life.

Details of the 7 Layers of The Aura
The First Layer: The Etheric Body.
This layer is the physical blueprint of the body. Like the base or root chakra, it relates to the health, survival and security of the physical body. Physical signs of illness and injury can be seen in this layer. The etheric layer is a major part of our immune system and usually appears to visual sight as a light blue or grey light. This is usually the easiest layer to see and the first layer seen.

The Second Layer: The Emotional Body.
This layer relates to your emotions and boundaries, emotions with us and emotions we have for others around us. The emotional layer is often seen as a swirling mass of energy around the body.

The Third Layer: The Mental Body.
This layer stores and run the programs associated with your basic beliefs, your intellect, personal power and understanding. This is the layer of thought and ideas. This layer is usually most visible around the head and shoulders as a yellow glow. It is in this layer that thought and ideas actually become substantiated.

The Fourth Layer: The Astral Layer Body.
Marks the division between the physical layers and the higher layers this coordinates between the Physical, Golden HEART & Spiritual Being. This layer is responsible for interaction between people. It is the layer of love and of relationships. Your relationship with others, yourself, and your physical body.

The Fifth Layer: The Conceptual Body.
This layer is the spiritual part of us created at conception, it is part of the DNA of that unique individual. This body is a copy of the physical body on a higher level. It is the basic template of your uniqueness and inner identity.

The Sixth Layer: The Celestial Body.
Is the body of the emotional level on the spiritual plane. It is the layer of group consciousness, clairvoyance, and it is the level of communication with other beings.

The Seventh Layer: The Soul,
This is God, The Divine within Us and our connection with Him. This is the mental layer of the spiritual level, it is our spiritual template. Through this layer we meld and become one with Spirit, the part that never dies it just evolves to higher levels. Through this layer we can access universal knowledge and it has all the memory of any past existences both physical and Spiritual.

If you found this interesting and would like to know more about how the energy field and how it is  measured click on the link below.

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