Thursday, 26 September 2013

Autumn's Here

 I'm delighted to have purchased a new lead to connect my phone to this laptop. I misplaced my old one and have been lost without the 'connection'.

Still experimenting.

 Today I decided to focus on EASE.
After my morning meditation and having focused on EASE . I finally 'copd'  on and decided to take a trip to town and replace the lead - EASE.
No more racking my brain to figure out where it could be.  Is this just more of a coincidence ?  It has been bothering me for about a week , why didn't I let myself buy a new one until today, maybe allowing myself to be at EASE opened the space for a solution to emerge.
In any case it is just great to be able to share some Autumn photos.

              I don't remember the apples in our garden ever turning so pink .
                           Thanks to the warm dry year we are having.

                The boreen to our little wood is strewn with beach nuts.

                     The wood is filling up with mushrooms

                And bright red berries that are unknown to me


The leaves are still mostly green in our wood 

But there is some bright red appearing to herald the
 colourful time to come.

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