Saturday, 28 September 2013

Here are " a few of my favourite things"

                  Beautiful Elderberries ripe and ready to pick.

                Wild mushrooms with intriguing designs

            People like my friend Joan who text the  name
             " lords &ladies " for plants unknown by me.

               Friendly strangers taking photos for Google who
                   agree to be photographed.

             And tell me that Google are setting up an educational
             programme  in Mallow to encourage older people to
                   become internet savvy.

        Wow my Poem this morning  ( it's technically tomorrow but still
        feels like Friday to me  )was about  LOVE my word for today.
        And look at all the delights my day brought  from  luscious berries
        on my morning walk to Close encounters with  Google .
        Now I must explain that along with Libraries and Bookshops,
       Google is  one  "  of my very favourite things ".
       What lover of learning and  adventure cannot be eternally
       grateful to Google for their magical search engine that delivers
       answers to question at any and time day or night.
            LOVE  to you Google and  many thanks from Mallow.

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